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Programs 2017-2018

An overview of all the programs for 2017-2018

Download here the pdf with the complete program offerings for 2017-2018

Mozart & other child prodigies

The members of the Hexagon Ensemble always look for cooperation with others. In this program, the Hexagon Ensemble is expanded with five string players in a surprising classical/romantic program, in which well known repertoire is combined with a selection of lesser known works that clearly should be better known. Balakirev, Rheinberger, Bruch and Mozart.

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Beethoven & admirers

Beethoven dominated the 19th century with his music. No composer was able to avoid his influence and no composer could write anything without granting the absolute dominance of Beethoven.

This program includes three quintets by Beethoven, Reicha and Spohr. Each of these is set in a different formation: the Hexagon’s hexagon, in turns, without pianist, flutist or oboe. In this way, every piece has got something different to offer to the listener’s ears and eyes. Finally, it all comes together in Schubert’s renowned Rosamunde!

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An encounter with Vincent van Gogh

This is a new version of the successful Hexagon program ‘The Imagination’.
Starting point of this program is the commemoration of the 125th anniversary of the death of Vincent van Gogh. Local (amateur)painters create their own ‘Van Gogh’. The Hexagon Ensemble plays music that suits the different style period of this grand old Dutch master.
During the concert, which includes a projection of the new ‘Van Gogh’s’ everything falls into place.
Local (amateur)painters are asked to make paintings inspired by the work of Vincent van Gogh as well as the carefully selected accompanying music.

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The Blizzard

Een winters verhaal van Poesjkin vol romantiek, passie en actie.
Opnieuw werkt het Hexagon Ensemble samen met de acteurs en dansers van het Staatstheater van Bashkortostan, ditmaal niet alleen met voorstellingen in Ufa maar ook in Nederland.
Met muziek van Georgi Vasiljevitsj Sviridov. (arr.)

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